Excuse the mess, we got a new name!

We are thrilled to announce our re-brand from B💣mbP💣p to Sheesh Bio Links (linkshee.sh)! This evolution comes as a result of a recent engagement with Wells Enterprises, during which we received a cease and desist notice.

Below is our response to them;

Rather than letting this setback discourage us, we saw an opportunity to reinvigorate our brand and realign our vision. We are committed to foster a community that thrives on authenticity and individuality. Our platform is designed to amplify voices, spark curiosity, and forge genuine connections in an increasingly digital landscape.

You can find us at our new website located at


Rest assured, while our name has changed we will continue to serve you with the same level of excellence and innovation that you've come to expect from us. Join us on this exciting journey as we step into the future as Sheesh Bio Links, your partner in digital self-expression.